At South Atlantic Health Care, you can count on quality skilled nursing care for all. With skilled nursing centers across South Carolina, we offer a welcoming, inclusive community of caring for every type of need.

Whether it be for illness, injury or recovery following surgery or a hospital stay, our compassionate professionals are dedicated to providing you the highest quality of care. This means individualized treatment planning to meet your or your loved one’s needs with the appropriate level of care. It also means that everything we do is focused on your or your loved one’s best health and highest quality of life.

Personalized, Focused Care for All Your Skilled Nursing Needs

Everyone’s needs are different, from low-level care on an ongoing basis, to specific therapy or nursing to recover function, to long-term nursing care. At South Atlantic Health Care facilities, our doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, dietitians and other caregivers combine commitment, compassion and skill with the full range of skilled nursing services.

Rehabilitation Care

We offer comprehensive therapy services to get you or your loved one back to the highest level of function possible and back to an active, independent life. While the specific services can vary from one South Atlantic Health Care facility to the next, each one provides a variety of services to restore patients’ health and get them back to their life. The types of rehab services we offer are:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Outpatient therapy
  • Transitional care

Clinical Care

Clinical care is the backbone of skilled nursing care and services. It is, simply put, the delivery of the medical care that you or your loved one needs to achieve optimal health and quality of life. Our centers feature informed, capable physicians and nursing professionals trained to provide the most appropriate care. You can also count on us to work closely with you and your family, and we adapt our services for your or your loved one’s individual needs.

Long-Term Care

For individuals with chronic illness or disability and who cannot care for themselves, cannot live independently and may have complex health problems, we offer long-term care. This involves extended-stay nursing services, often for patients after a hospital stay or a stay at an acute care center.

Long-term care often involves the management of multiple chronic conditions and multiple medications. This requires an understanding of the conditions and the meds as well as knowledge about how they interact with one another. At South Atlantic Health Care, we combine this knowledge and understanding, and we adapt our services as needed to optimize medical care for the aged and disabled.

To contact South Atlantic Health Care’s Central Admissions Office, call 864-688-3992, or visit our Locations page to find the phone number for a specific center near you.