At South Atlantic Health Care, your loved one has access to the full range of nursing care and rehabilitation services. Our care is personalized to each person’s unique health and medical needs, from rehabilitation to long-term care and even specialized programs for specific conditions and situations.

In fact, we take an innovative, collaborative approach to ensure we’re meeting your or your loved one’s needs with expert clinical care, around-the-clock nursing and genuine compassion. We believe every person deserves the best, most appropriate care, and no patient should ever be left behind.

Learn more about our services and programs:

Skilled Nursing

Our skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are staffed and equipped to provide what you need. With teams of nurses, doctors, therapists, dietitians and more, we offer rehabilitation care, short-term clinical care, long-term care and transitional care following hospital stays. And we do it with the knowledge, understanding and compassion your loved one deserves.

Specialized Programs

To help patients achieve the best health possible and minimize hospital visits/stays, SAHC has developed many different programs focused on specific medical conditions and patient situations. From Alzheimer’s and dementia to cancer to orthopedic needs, respiratory care and much more, we can meet your needs and ease your concerns with high-quality care.

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