South Atlantic Health Care is First in U.S. to Deploy Rensair’s Portable Air Scrubbers

Extra COVID Measures in Place to Ensure Health and Safety of Patients, Staff & Visitors          

South Atlantic Health Care today announced the installation of Rensair® portable air scrubbers inside its South Carolina facilities, making it the first healthcare facility in the United States to deploy Rensair’s patented system of UV light and HEPA13 filter technology which destroys 99.97% of airborne pathogens, including the virus responsible for COVID-19.  The system is already used widely in the U.K and Scandinavia

Combining the Rensair units with social distancing, PPE and other infection management processes, South Atlantic Health Care increases the peace of mind for patients, employees and visitors just as state governments have ordered the resumption of visiting hours within long-term care facilities. 

South Atlantic Health Care is being advised by Health Care Navigator, a New York-based healthcare consultant to identify and evaluate the most effective air purification solution in preparation for resumption of indoor family visitations.  Most current systems in the United States typically trap and hold pathogens in filter material which requires special technicians in safety suits to change the filters and service the units.  By contrast , Rensair catches the airborne virus and bacteria in HEPA13 filters and bombards the filters with UVC lights which destroy the virus and bacteria at the DNA/RNA level.  As a result, unlike all competitors, the HEPA13 filter needs to only be changed annually.

“Our patients and their loved ones are eager to resume visitation and adding the Rensair units to our common spaces, rehab/exercise rooms and visiting areas increase the effectiveness of our ongoing infection management procedures.  Our goal of adding comfort and peace of mind for our patients, staff and visitors demands going the extra mile to prepare for visitors from the outside community,” said Amy Cajka, Director of Operations for South Atlantic Health Care.

The latest scientific research done on the spread of COVID-19 at Brown University and Harvard among others, finds that community spread outside the nursing home causes higher infection rates inside the nursing home, so the resumption of visitations isn’t without risks.

“We went looking for a quality product that could deliver on its promise of cleaner air, portability and cost-effectiveness and we found it in Europe with Rensair. After completing our benchmark testing and satisfied with our findings, we ordered and installed units at all of our centers” concluded Ms. Cajka.

Rensair inventor, Henrick Henriksen said of South Atlantic Health Care’s decision to use the system, “I cannot think of a better use for this hospital grade unit than to aid in the safety and comfort of America’s Greatest Generation when visiting loved ones in a long-term care setting.”

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