SAHC Celebrates Nurses Appreciation Week 2021

SAHC Honors Nurses Appreciation Week with Spotlight on Tenured Nurses

At South Atlantic Health Center, nurses mean a lot to our patients and us. They are responsible for the primary care and wellbeing of our seniors. And during COVID-19, many of them work under stressful conditions while still taking excellent care of our patients.

This year, we celebrate Nurses Appreciation Week by highlighting our tenured nurses — men and women who have been with our company for 25 years or more.

From SAHC, we thank you for your dedication to the company and our senior patients. We thank you for working tirelessly during a global pandemic and going above and beyond to provide excellent care to our patients.

Here are just some of the tenured nurses and a little about why they love what they do:

Deborah White (Susan), LPN: McCormick Rehab & Health

32 Years

“I enjoy the residents, talking with them, hearing their stories, being around them, and spoiling them.I like fulfilling their needs, whether it’s a laugh they need or a shoulder to cry on.”

Jason M. Sloan, LPN, Capstone Rehab & Health

29 Years

“I enjoy coming to work, seeing my residents, and my co-workers.” Jason

Jeanne Miller, LPN, McCormick Rehab & Health

29 Years

“Nurses are here to oversee and make sure that residents are properly taken care of.”

Robbie Evans, LPN: Simpsonville Rehab and Health

33 Years

Mrs. Robbie became a nurse to help people. On why nurses are valuable, she says, “Nurses can provide love to residents and can cherish them.”

Candis Williams, Nurse Consultant, Operator Holdings, Inc.

25 years

“A nurse in a nursing home facility has many responsibilities. They are responsible for taking care of the elderly residents, they oversee other employees, and they must make sure the operation runs smoothly. Caring for the elderly in a nursing home is a huge responsibility as many of the residents need some medical attention. 

This past year during this pandemic, the nurses have been caretakers for the residents and acted as family members because they have not seen their own family.  

Being a nurse in a skilled facility is not only challenging but also rewarding. It is a career that I am proud I chose.”

Specialized Nurses at South Atlantic Health Centers

At SAHC, we consider it an honor to have tenured nurses on staff who love what they do.

Besides providing medical care, our nurses and staff help run a wide variety of specialized programs for senior patients, including our Alzheimer’s and dementia care programs. These programs require dedication and a passion for helping others – both of which our nurses demonstrate daily.

A special thanks to nurses at South Atlantic Health Center this week and every week!