National Nursing Assistant’s Week 2021

SAHC Celebrates Certified Nursing Assistants Week with Spotlight on Tenured Associates

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) play a vital role at South Atlantic Health Care. With their skills and dedication, our senior residents are properly cared for in a safe, supportive, and loving environment.  From providing meals to measuring daily vital signs, CNAs are the backbone of the residents process at our centers.

To honor this critical position and thank our employees, we’re sharing the stories and pictures of the tenured CNAs who have worked with us for more than 20 years.

We asked them why they do what they do, and to share their favorite part about being a CNA. The answers are touching, as most of our associates love taking care of seniors.

Here, the cherished, tenured CNAs at SAHC:

Spotlight on SAHC’s Certified Nursing Assistants

Julie Rosemond

Julie Rosemond, CNA/Restorative CNA
Greer Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
35 Years

“I love senior citizens and being able to take care of them. My favorite part about being a CNA is the residents.”

Tim Wooten, CNA/Restorative CNA
Southern Oaks Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
24 ½ Years

“I enjoy being able to help others. The medical field is where I wanted to work, more so the therapy department. My favorite part of being a CNA is knowing at the end of the day that I helped someone, and they are grateful for it.”

Erin Whiteside

Erin Whiteside, CNA/Restorative CNA
Greer Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
24 Years

“My Mom was a CNA, and my Grandaddy became sick. I gained a passion for caring for seniors. Taking care of my residents is my favorite part about being a CNA.”

Minnie Evans, CNA
Patewood Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
19 Years

“I became a CNA to make a difference. My favorite part about being a CNA is working with the residents.”

Sandra Pearson

Sandra Pearson, Restorative CNA
38 Years

“I wanted to become a CNA because I love helping others. Helping the residents and making them laugh is my favorite part of the job. When I retire, I want to think about the nice things I was able to do for the residents that they were not able to do for themselves.”

AJ Jennings

AJ Jennings, Transport CNA
33 Years

“I was built to care for people. Loving the residents is extremely rewarding and is my favorite part about working at SAHC. My career goals are to eventually work in corporate with transport, supplies, and budgeting.”

Talfort Gregory

Talfort Gregory, Central Supply CNA
20 Years

“I love helping people, and I became a CNA because I was following in the steps of my grandmother. My favorite part about my job is talking and listening to the residents tell me about their life.”

Lillian Beaty, CNA
Linley Park Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
25-30 Years

“I worked in housekeeping back in the 1980s before I became a CNA.  I could help serve residents in the dining room and do little things for them, so I decided to become a CNA. I like some of the staff that I work with, and I love working with the residents.”

Geraldine Pickens

Geraldine Pickens, CNA
Linley Park
23 Years

“I became a CNA to care for people, and that is my favorite part of the role.”

If you are interested in becoming a CNA and working at SAHC, please visit our careers page for more information.